The Escalation Layer

Problem resolution in a multi-vendor has been a struggle in all high-tech industries from application software, hardware platforms, network protocols and more, since the beginning of high-tech industries.

The Escalation Layer proposes to solve this problem once and for all by ensuring that problems are escalated, transferred and collaboratively resolved by all parties that are involved in the user experience. A simple knowledge base is loaded with directives on the routing of customer problems through responsible vendors (network service provider, device manufacturer, application vendor, etc.). Tickets can be manually re-routed based on evaluation by each vendor's support tiers. And, when necessary, audited chat and video chat sessions can be initiated and recorded with shared checklists and other artifacts necessary to resolve the problem.

Customer resolution information is fed back into the Analytics Layer for incorporation into the process of better learning about network conditions that might predict similar problems and ways to resolve them automatically. The feedback is detailed including categories of problems, ultimate disposition and time and resources expended solving the problem so that opportunities for improvement can be prioritized for implementation.

The XPDR Reference Architecture....