This Will Change the Way You Think About Device Management was founded by RefractN, LLC, because of feedback from its customers that the problem of device management in the Internet of Things was too important to leave to one vendor's proprietary software. Going forward, XPDR, a non-profit membership organization, will first, make available RefractN's ground-breaking device management software that improves network performance by as much as 50 times over strategies based on SNMP or TR-069. This software will be released to member organizations under the Apache 2.0 License, for free, allowing a low-risk path for broadband service providers and others to begin enhancing their device management infrastructure.

This software will have all of the functionality of the RefractN Device Collection Suite and the Device Mentoring Suite as available in RefractN's commercial version of these products and consumers of the software will be able to avail themselves of RefractN's implementation, support, integration and even cloud-based services while benefiting from the ability to take advantage of features improvements made by fellow community members or their own development staff.

More importantly, through XPDR, RefractN and an outside of team of industry thought leaders will guide the development of the XPDR End-to-End Device Management Reference Architecture, a comprehensive strategy for integrating the management and support systems of broadband providers, consumer device manufacturers and internet application vendors in a way that provides a seamless, scalable support experience for end-users while maximizing the use of computing power already in the network to resolve most problems before users even see them.

In these pages, you will learn more about the XPDR reference architecture, XPDR's plans, upcoming events and information on membership and other ways you can contribute to this important initiative.

For more information on the available products, and the minor differences between the commercial versions and the Open Source versions available from XPDR, see